The attic of the houses used to be a misterious place. They treasured objects that modern life ostracised. Memories of the absent were kept there, as well as old stuff that was no longer useful. Children went up there to uncover secrets or to dress up in old clothes during Carnival.


Casa Lourán has an attic that has been transformed into a small reading lounge. The secrets and misteries remain hidden between the paper pages.

By the fireplace

The lareira, which is similar to a chimney, was the core of the Galician household. Life flew around its fire. It was a place for cooking and eating, for speaking and telling stories, either fun or scary, for singing, playing, and dreaming. The lareira warmed people’s existence.

In our house, the lareira keeps being a gathering place, and the fire presides over our living room in any season of the year when the weather is appropriate.