The farm

The farmFrom the garden to the plate

The traditional house used to be the centre of the domestic economy, where animals played a very significant role. And so it is today in Casa Lourán.

Lourán farm is a free-range dairy farm. Our cows produce first quality milk that we can enjoy for breakfast at home. Cottage cheese, manufactured in our facilities, and homemade butter are currently hard to find flavours which you can try in Casa Lourán.

Apart from the cattle farm, land offers a lot more possibilities to guarantee first quality products. In Casa Lourán we respect seasonal products and try to offer food which the land gives us in the different times of the year.

vacas en casa louran galegas

For dinner, we offer great variety of garden products in summer, followed by pumpkins and chestnuts in the autumn or grelos in winter.

Jams are made with blackberries collected during the summer or with harvested kiwis, figs or peaches. Besides, candied pumpkin is a delicious ingredient that we use in several of our homemade desserts.