green zone


The animals

Domestic animals are obviously closely related with humans. Peasant life is utterly characterised by the harmonic coexistence between people and animals. For this reason, your pets are always welcome in the house.

When you visit our house, the animals you live with can also come along.

The games

If you are travelling with children, Casa Lourán is definitely a destination for them with plenty of wonders to discover, and a stimulating environment to experience the freedom of the aldea, the hamlet.


Visiting the farm, collecting eggs from our hens and feeding the horse can become the best theme park for your kids

The walks

The great joy of walking leisurely, following the paths to humble destinations that immerse you in the most simple of pleasures.


From our house you can walk down to the river of Canedo, visit the watermill of Lourán, which is a captivating place and cornerstone of the peasant economy from the old times, or reach the Capela da Ascensión, located in Serra da Loba, where you have a beautiful panoramic view over the Valley of Xestoso.

The pleasures

The pleasure of talking, or the pleasure of silence; the pleasure of walking or the pleasure of resting; the pleasure of adventure or the pleasure of reading.



There are many and varied pleasures to discover in an environment where time scapes the rush and spaces are green and full of life.

Lying on the hammock, listening to the birds, talking under the arbour with a view over the garden or making fire in the lareira are some of the pleasures that come along with simple life.


Watching stars

You don’t need to be an expert in astronomy to enjoy the beauty of a starry sky.


The landscapes of the firmament provide loads of surprises in their immense vastness with just looking up. Far from the cities, shooting stars, the moon, some planets or constellations can be seen in the sky as a gift that brings peace and inspiration.

Light pollution is minimal in the sky over our house. Every night, every single meteorological phenomenon can become a wonderful spectacle.