rural house at Fragas do Eume natural park in Monfero A Coruna
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The environment of Casa Louran makes it a perfect destination for those who, apart from the house, also want to enjoy outdoor activities and adventure sports.

For you we offer:

Hiking by Fraga's Eume

Countless roads and paths hiding among the dense Fraga run, mostly to the shore or in the vicinity of the river. The “Camino de Ventureira”, “Pasa da Vella”, “cumios de Sanguinedo” or “Pena de Fesa” (comfortable cycle routes), among others, comprise an extensive and varied offer where in the autumn season,mythology is at every turn.

Consult here some of the established routes:

Horseback treks, canoeing and adventure walks

Around the river Eume there are different companies active in organizing horseback treks, canoeing and adventure walks along the banks of the river and canoeing routes that pass by the most beautiful areas of the river.

For some of the options visit here::

Museums and historical tourism

from the Monastery of Caaveiro Monfero up through the Tower of Andrade, the area has an endless number of historical treasures and museums devoted to indigenous and traditional culture.

Old building relics such as windmills or bridges hundreds of years old share the landscape with religious and feudal remains. For the most important museums look here:

Val do Xestoso

Is our Valley. This is the primary sector in which we live and our co-operative is installed. You can see first hand the traditional work and try the exquisite local products from the area of which the most famous is the quintessential native Grela.

The beachs and bays

of the Rias Altas offer beaches with transparent waters around the river mouths. Within 30Kms there are the beaches of Minho, Ares, Pontedeume ...

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